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The Liberal Arts Experience

Compared to graduates of top public universities and top private research universities, liberal arts alumni rated their colleges most highly in preparing them for first jobs, career changes and advancement, and overall preparation for life after college. They were more likely than any other group to have graduated in four years and to credit their undergraduate experience for helping them solve problems, make effective decisions, think analytically, write and speak effectively and work as part of a team.

“This study is testimony to the lasting value of a residential liberal arts education,” said Bucknell president John Bravman. “In the public debate about the value of higher education, it is exciting to have a national study in which alumni say liberal arts institutions are providing an education that prepares graduates for a lifetime of success and fulfillment.”

According to the report, liberal arts college graduates are more likely to say they experienced a sense of community, participated in smaller classes and had professors challenge them, work with them on independent study or research projects, talk with them outside of class and become their mentors. These activities, collectively termed student engagement, have been identified by scholars as essential components of an effective education.

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