Mary Schmich ’75 Wins 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

Originally posted: April 16, 2012

Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich ’75 has won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary.

While at Pomona, Schmich co-edited the college newspaper.

Schmich has been with the Chicago Tribune since 1985, first as a features writer and then as a national correspondent based in Atlanta. Since 1992, she has produced a general interest column three times a week. In 1997, her column commonly known as “Wear sunscreen” became an Internet hit that was originally erroneously attributed to Kurt Vonnegut. Schmich also wrote the comic strip Brenda Starr from 1985-2010.

Schmich regularly appears on WGN Radio in Chicago. She has been a Nieman Fellow at Harvard, won the Studs Terkel Award in 2004 for coverage of Chicago communities, and has previously been a Pulitzer Prize finalist for both features and commentary.

Click here for more information on her career, or read the Pomona College Magazine feature on Schmich.

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