Forbes Article on Job Hunters & Cliches Cites DePauw’s Steve Langerud

Originally posted: September 17, 2011

63882Greencastle, Ind. — “We’re all guilty of business jargon: ‘I’ll touch base later!’ ‘Let’s regroup!’ ‘I’ll put pen to paper on that one.’ ‘Circle the wagons!’ Yet what’s simply annoying in the workplace can be just plain hazardous on the job hunt,” notes a Forbes story. It seeks advice for job hunters from Steve Langerud, director of professional opportunities at DePauw University.

“I don’t think these are necessarily the wrong words to use,” offers Langerud, “but they’re certainly not the best — and they’re not going to help you to stand out from the masses.”

Meghan Casserly writes of Langerud, “When he sees a cover letter riddled with the usual suspects, ‘dynamic, proactive, motivated leader,’ he says his reaction is blasé: ‘Is this the best you can do?’ “

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