Local Educator Chosen as First Master Teacher in New W&J Program

Originally posted: June 8, 2011

WASHINGTON, PA — Mary Grace Stutzman, a first grade teacher at Washington Park Elementary School, has been selected as the first master teacher to participate in the Benedum/Washington & Jefferson College Master Teacher Program.

The program is a collaborative effort designed to promote the sharing of ideas in research theory and best practices that will benefit both the Washington School District and W&J.

During a two-year period, four master teachers selected from school districts in Washington, Greene, and Fayette Counties in Pennsylvania and Wetzel County in West Virginia will be chosen to participate. Stutzman will take a professional development leave from the district and spend the upcoming fall semester at W&J, working closely with the campus and local community, as well as the W&J education students, to learn, share ideas and continue to educate.

“We have selected Mary Grace to be the first candidate on board and we are very excited about the wealth of expertise she brings to the College,” said Rosalie Carpenter, Ed.D., professor of education at W&J.

A teacher at Washington Park Elementary School since 1997, Stutzman said, “It’s an honor for me to represent Washington School District in this endeavor. I look forward to serving as an ambassador for our district as we work with W&J staff, students and the community. This program is an excellent opportunity for our learning institutions to share valuable expertise.”

There will be one or two master teachers chosen per semester through 2013.

“We mentor them (master teachers), they mentor us (W&J community), and together, we mentor the (W&J) education students,” said James Longo, Ed.D., professor of education and chair of the department at W&J.

Stutzman will return to her district afterwards to share her experiences in the classroom.

“These master teachers are those with a master’s degree and an outstanding record of success,” Longo said. “They are there for their students, to help prepare them for college, to
expand their horizons.”

Stutzman received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and mater’s degree in elementary education from California University of Pennsylvania.

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