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Three Bowdoin Seniors Receive Fulbright Research Grants

Three Bowdoin seniors, Kacey Berry, Jacob Blum and Emma Cutler, have received Fulbright grants to do research next year in foreign countries. The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is designed to increase mutual understanding between Americans and people of other countries, and grantees are selected not only for their strong academic background but also for their […]

Originally posted: June 7, 2013

Bowdoin Seniors Win Fulbright Teaching, Language Study Grants

Setting out for their first year as Bowdoin graduates, Fulbright recipients Samantha Burns, Daniel Ertis, Uchechi Esonu, RaiNesha Miller and Erin St. Peter will travel to far-off places around the world to teach English. Meanwhile, Adam Rasgon will study Arabic in Egypt. Elena Crosley was also awarded a three-year Fulbright Canada Science, Technology, Engineering, and […]

Originally posted: June 7, 2013

NSF Grant to Fund New Alloy Development

Harvey Mudd College has received a National Science Foundation grant to support international undergraduate research toward the development of stronger metallic alloys.

Originally posted: May 30, 2013

Westmont Wins GSAC All-Sports Award

Westmont has won the Golden State Athletic Conference All-Sports Award for the first time in two decades. The conference honors the school with the highest average finish in the conference standings in all its sponsored sports.

Originally posted: May 30, 2013

Cornell commits to Real Food Challenge goals

Cornell recently underscored its commitment to healthy dining practices by promising to purchase at least 20 percent of its food from local, fair, ecologically sound, and/or humane sources by 2020. President Brand signed the pledge during Commencement weekend, making Cornell one of the first 20 schools in the country to participate in the Real Food Challenge (RFC).

Originally posted: May 25, 2013

A Gift to Support Humanities Students’ Research

A $5,000 gift from Assistant Professor of German and Comparative Literature Alicia E. Ellis and artist and former visiting faculty member David H. Munson will be used to establish Hampshire College’s new Humanities Research Book Grant.

Originally posted: May 14, 2013

CC Adds New Major in Education

Students at Colorado College can now major in education, a change that recognizes shifts in society and educational norms, Education Department Chair Mike Taber says.

Originally posted: May 14, 2013

Dr. Nayef H. Samhat named Wofford College president

The Wofford College Board of Trustees elected Dr. Nayef H. Samhat as president of the college at their meeting on Tuesday, May 14, held on campus.

Originally posted: May 14, 2013

Meeting engineering’s grand challenges

Bucknell University has been accepted to the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, an initiative of the National Academy of Engineering.

Originally posted: May 12, 2013

NSF Grant to Knox Targets Students Interested in Science

The National Science Foundation has awarded Knox College a $613,846 grant for a new initiative that contributes to the country’s efforts to increase the number of U.S. college graduates working in science-related fields.

Originally posted: May 10, 2013

Record Participation in Research Symposium

“This represents the heart of what we do here at Colby … and each year this gets bigger.” That’s how Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Lori Kletzer described the 14th annual Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium when she introduced the keynote session May 1.

Originally posted: May 4, 2013

Bucknell archives reveal rare photograph of first Chinese American

No photographs of Wong Chin Foo — the man who, records indicate, was Bucknell University’s first Chinese and second international student — were thought to exist until this one was located last year in the University Archives by Curator of Special Collections/University Archives Isabella O’Neill.

Originally posted: May 2, 2013

Quad Named to Honor Couple Who Have Donated $76 Million+ to DePauw

“It’s a rare day that any college or university marks off a part of its campus in honor of those who have changed an institution, and today is one of those rare days,” DePauw University President Brian W. Casey said this afternoon as he formally dedicated the Ubben Quadrangle.

Originally posted: May 2, 2013

Vote of confidence

Vice President Hung Tran ’15 and President Ana Morales ’14 will join forces to lead Denison’s student government next year.

Originally posted: April 30, 2013

Arts Programming Director scouts talent in Pakistan for U.S. cultural exchange

Arts Programming Director Robert Richter, the man behind the popular onStage at Connecticut College performing artist series, recently spent two weeks in Pakistan scouting talent for a new U.S. cultural exchange program.

Originally posted: April 30, 2013