Global Banking: JJ Houldin ’12 and Michael Trejo ’12 Go Inside JPMorgan Chase

Originally posted: December 19, 2011

Martha Heinze 86 and Joseph Houldin 12

Martha Heinze ’86 and JJ Houldin ’12

Joseph “JJ” Houldin ’12 (Philadelphia, Pa.) and Michael Trejo ’12 (Falls Church, Va.) spent the summer exploring the world of global banking as interns with Martha Heinze ’86, executive director of treasury and securities services at JPMorgan Chase in New York City.

Houldin, an American studies and English double major, helped with the creation of a cross line of business reports for the second quarter of 2011. These reports summarized the performance of the bank’s vast network of agent banks across the globe.

“I worked with an analyst to collect the relevant data from a wide array of sources,” he says. “It allowed me to gain a close understanding of the complex infrastructure that needs to be in place to allow a bank like JPMorgan to operate globally.”

Trejo, an engineering studies major, focused on client consulting and providing clients with up-to-date market information on global events that may impact their investment portfolios.

“I was assigned with the task of creating and organizing a summary to provide our clients with a synopsis of market events that occurred globally during the week. I also assisted with providing research on the financial profile of Jamaica for a market information repository,” he says.

Michael Trejo 12 and Martha Heinze 86

Michael Trejo ’12 and Martha Heinze ’86

Houldin says the internship helped teach him the differences between the types of jobs a company needs to function and what kind of work, skill sets, and personality is demanded by each.

“This job has provided me with a close understanding of how a large corporation functions and how the many divisions within the company are related,” he says.

The internship fit right in with Trejo’s plans, as he hopes to work for a large global company after graduation, hopefully in banking.

Although Houldin is leaning toward a career in finance, he is still leaving his options open.

He says, “I would encourage students who, like me, may not be able to voice a specific ‘dream job’ to try and gain exposure to as many fields and professionals as possible in an attempt to truly figure out what works for you and what doesn’t before you actually get to the ‘real world.’”

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