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Originally posted: October 25, 2011

Interested in kayaking or paddleboarding along the sunny Southern Californian coast? How about exploring the surreal desert landscapes of Joshua Tree and Death Valley? Backpacking beneath the monumental stone formations of Yosemite? Camping among the rugged cliffs and towering redwoods of Big Sur? Outdoor Women Leaders (OWL) can take you there!

This past weekend, OWL organized and led an excursion to Sunset Beach, Los Angeles. Although in an urban setting, Sunset Beach still offered the relaxing experience of being on the water, breathing in the salty marine air. They spent the afternoon kayaking and paddleboarding (or at least attempting to; several people did fall in!). All in all, it was a laid-back afternoon among friends and fellow outdoor enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

OWL also hosts weekly rock climbing trips in addition to outdoor adventures. Every Wednesday and Thursday evening, as well as some weekends, OWL goes to Hangar 18 in Upland. This indoor climbing gym offers 10,000 feet of synthetic climbing terrain, with a wide range of difficulty levels so you can develop your skills at a comfortable and secure pace. Feel free to join us as often as possible, regardless of prior climbing experience. Hangar 18 also offers students at Scripps College a discounted rate; you have access to all three gym locations (the closest to campus in Upland, only 15 minutes away), for $28 per month, which includes all gear rentals! If you are interested in joining this group, email 5coutdoorwomen@gmail.com and ask to be put on the Hangar 18 rideshare mailing list.

On Facebook “Like” Scripps Outdoor Women Leaders for updates on trips, weekly rock climbing adventures, and other events! For more information, contact 5coutdoorwomen@gmail.com or visit www.5coutdoorwomen.wordpress.com.

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