Brewing Activism

Originally posted: May 28, 2012

The Motley Coffeehouse has been a place for students to study, relax, and socialize since 1974. The completely student-run organization seeks to provide quality food and beverages, and does so by using products from sustainable and socially responsible sources. The ten managers and 48 baristas provide a lively atmosphere and can expertly recommend and personalize drinks for their customers. The coffeehouse’s beverage menu ranges from Mexican Chai Tea Latte to a “Berry Manilow” smoothie, but the Motley has something for every taste. Additionally, the Motley sells delicious treats created by a team of student bakers.

However, the Motley is not simply a coffeehouse. The Motley is also an organization committed to offering its resources to foster change and promote the common good. The coffeehouse does so in various ways, which include, but are not limited to, hosting philanthropic concerts and events, publicizing other meaningful events throughout The Claremont Colleges, screening powerful documentaries, and sponsoring senior theses that are meaningful to the 5-C community.

Additionally, the Motley provides leadership opportunities for Scripps women. Phuong Bui, a Scripps College student and Motley barista, says “working at the Motley is a great experience. By working shifts with multiple baristas, I have learned the importance of teamwork and collaboration. I think my experience here will help me get ready for handling a bigger job after college. Plus, I am surrounded by really cool women who are united by a commitment to excellence both inside and outside of the Motley.”

Like Scripps College, the Motley is a place where ideas are formed, leaders are born, and future impact is made.

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