We Fight with Sticks

Originally posted: March 15, 2012

Scripps College has officially been bombed—yarn bombed, that is.

After realizing The Claremont Colleges needed a feminist activist group to address the diverse issues facing women today, Scripps first-years Megan Petersen and Elisabeth Pfeiffer founded the Armed RevolutioKnits. With the motto “We fight with sticks for chicks,” the RevolutioKnits combined art and activismor rather, craftivismto bring attention to important women’s issues that merit discussion.

“We raise awareness about the maltreatment of women worldwide and promote positive social and political change through the art of yarn bombing and social media,” says Pfeiffer.

Yarn bombing, also known as yarn graffiti, reclaims a public space through warmth, color, and texture.  “We are also reclaiming the art of knitting from its domestic connotation,” Petersen says, “and giving it a voice which we hope can change the world and empower women.”

The group recruited knitters and activists at the start of the spring semester and recently installed their second round of yarn “tags” in Bette Cree Edwards Humanities Courtyard at Scripps College.  The knitters first created tree and lightpost “cozy tags” to raise awareness about sexual and dating violence. The RevolutioKnits then focused on women’s heart health; creating more than 100 hearts, the group also practiced sustainable knitting by unraveling old sweaters and reusing materials.

In the spirit of graffiti art, the Armed RevolutioKnits sneak about campus in disguise. “It’s all part of being a ninja,” says Pfeiffer.  Group members also attend weekly “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch” sessions on Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00pm at the Health Education Office in Tranquada Student Health Center, where they discuss women’s issues and, of course, knit.

“We think the 5Cs need this club because a lack of discussion is something that many of these diverse issues have in common,” says Petersen. “We don’t need people to agree with our opinions. We just want to get people talking.”

Look out for more color on campus as the Armed RevolutioKnits continue to bring women’s issues to the surface.

For more information, visit the Armed RevolutioKnits blog or read a recent profile of the group in The Student Life.

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