Model UN Team Captures Midwest Conference Award

Originally posted: February 28, 2013

For the 20th consecutive year, Alma College received an “outstanding delegation” award at the Midwest Model United Nations Conference Feb. 20-23 in St. Louis, Mo.

Alma College teams have received 39 out of the 94 “outstanding” awards given since 1994 at the Midwest Regional, says Sandy Hulme, faculty coordinator of Model UN at Alma College.

“All the Alma students did well,” says Hulme. “We had 17 first-time participants and two veterans representing three countries, and they all did remarkably well. We have great expectations of performing well at the national conference.”

The Alma teams competed against delegations from approximately 70 colleges and universities and more than 600 students. Only three “outstanding delegation” awards were presented, with one of the awards going to the Alma delegation representing the United Republic of Tanzania, a country in East Africa.

Model UN attempts to replicate the real United Nations in a competitive manner. Teams of college students take on identities of countries, and delegates from each country meet in committee to propose, discuss and debate topics relevant to issues facing the world community. Once resolutions are completed in committee, they are presented to the Model UN replication of the UN general assembly to be further debated before the assembly votes on resolutions.

Alma advances to the National Model United Nations Conference March 24-28 in New York.

Members of “outstanding delegation” team, representing Tanzania:

  • Christopher Bilski, Lowell junior
  • Luke Condon, Colon sophomore
  • Will Donahue, Naperville, Ill., freshman
  • Ari Kornelis, Holland senior
  • Megan Miller, Hastings freshman
  • Marissa Relitz, Ann Arbor freshman

One student received an “outstanding delegate” award:

  • Christopher Bilski, Lowell junior

The following students received “honorable mention” recognition:

  • Jason Bursach, Greenville freshman
  • Jake Fox, Marysville freshman
  • Katherine Vaillancourt, Hillsdale freshman

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