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US: Over 1 Million Fewer Students Pursue a College Degree Than Before Pandemic

Over one million fewer students are pursuing a college degree in the United States compared to the period before the COVID-19 pandemic, recent data have revealed. According to data...
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Japan Planning to Return International Students in Phases

Japan is planning to allow international students to return to the country in phases, with 87 government-funded students returning during the first phase of the plan, the Japanese government has announced recently.
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More International Students Returning to Australian University Campuses

Australian universities are welcoming more international students to their campuses ever since the country reopened its borders. Last week, more than 20 international students touched down in Canberra after a nearly two-year...
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EU Intends to Include More Environmental Oriented Learning on Their Education Institutions

The education institutions in the European Member States are expected to include more learning for environmental sustainability, as the EU Commission has published a proposal for a Council Recommendation on the matter. 
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Report: 50% Of International Students in UK Didn’t Feel Completely Ready to Start Academic...

50% of international applicants to universities in the United Kingdom did not feel completely ready to start the current academic year, a new report named "Where next? The experience of international students...