Majority of Students in Germany Satisfied With Transition to Online Learning

A study conducted by the German Center for University and Science Research (DZHW) has revealed that most of the students in Germany are satisfied switching to digital semester amid the Corona pandemic.

According to the study, 86 per cent of students did not face any challenges at all while using the online courses, whereas 78 per cent of them claimed they had enough technical equipment to pursue lessons remotely, Erudera College News reports.

Among others, 66 per cent of students said they have embraced the flexibility that came with this way of learning and two-thirds of them also expressed satisfaction over the way exams have been organized or held so far.

Earlier studies showed that students are suffering from isolation, and the DZHW survey has backed the previous studies. 79 per cent of students claimed they lacked a personal exchange with their peers, whereas 63 per cent declared there is an absence in connection with teachers.

Among others, the study pointed out the following:

  • Nearly half of the students believe studies will be extended due to COVID-19
  • Every fourth student said that events had been annulled without replacement

The online survey has been funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research and was conducted by DZHW along with the university research working group at the University of Konstanz amid June and August. Nearly 28,600 students from a total of 23 universities participated in the study.

As a result of COVID-19 developments, universities in Saxony have also announced recently that students there will pursue 85 per cent of courses online during the winter semester as well.

In the meantime, according to a study carried out by the consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) for the German Press Agency, there has been a rise in student anxiety due to lack of job opportunities caused by COVID-19 developments. The study revealed that 40 per cent of students said that good career opportunities have weakened since the COVID-19 outbreak throughout the world.

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