New Zealand & Canada Are the Safest & Most Stable Study Destinations, Survey Shows

New Zealand and Canada have been listed the highest as safe and stable study destinations, whereas the United Kingdom is performing very well in international student recruitment competition, according to a survey including 300 agents from 54 countries of the world, assembled in September by Navitas which is a global education provider.

Despite the fact that New Zealand, Canada and Australia are considered more safe and stable study destinations compared to the UK and the US, the three of them are not seen as very open and welcoming like the United Kingdom, Erudera College News reports.

According to Navitas, the last survey carried out two months ago has shown that the percentage of respondents agreeing on the reputation of a stable and safe country as well as an open and welcoming destination, has improved.

“It would appear that the way governments have handled the coronavirus is becoming less of a choice factor as the pandemic evolves,” it added. 

As per UK reputation, agents responded:

  • 59 per cent agreed it is a safe and stable country.
  • 71 per cent agreed that the UK is an open and welcoming country.

In the meantime, New Zealand has ranked as highly safe and stable, with 75 per cent of respondents agreeing on that, but ranked four out of five as an open and welcoming destination.

“There is a big difference for New Zealand in particular, which is seen to be the most safe and stable but the least open and welcoming. On the flip side, the UK is not seen as particularly safe and stable (ranked four out of five) but is considered to be the most open and welcoming by a wide margin,” the survey noted.

As per attracting international students as a study destination, the Head of Strategic Insights and Analytics at Navitas as well as the report’s author Jon Chew, said that for agents it is more important if a country has a reputation for being open and welcoming rather than having a reputation as a safe and stable destination.

Data has shown that the way a particular country has dealt with the Coronavirus pandemic during the last months, is becoming a less important choice factor as the pandemic is still present.

“One of the most significant findings of the September survey is the shift in perceptions of the UK’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis. Opinions on the UK’s handling have improved substantially since the first round of research in May 2020.”

Moreover, there has been a decrease between 15 and 20 percentage in responses to how the three countries, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have managed the pandemic

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