Number of International MBA Students at US Colleges Decreases

A decline in the number of international students pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees in the United States has been noted recently, which according to the Wall Street Journal means a considerable number of students are considering moving to other countries for their studies, in particular in Canada and Europe.

According to a survey conducted by the CarringtonCrisp which is a consultant for business schools, nearly half of potential students were considering Canada to pursue studies this year, marking a higher increase compared to the 38 per cent of them, who were considering such an option last year, Erudera College News reports.

International applications for autumn at the Imperial College Business School in London reached an increase of 55 per cent, mainly due to the higher number of Asian applicants, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The reasons that led to the increase include:

  1. Pandemic travel restrictions.
  2. Higher tuition fees in the US.
  3. The political climate in the country which emerged from increased tensions between China and the US as well as changing immigration policies.

According to the Journal, a decrease of 14 per cent has been noted in international applications for MBA programs in the United States during the previous year.

Whereas, throughout the last year, almost 40 per cent of applicants to US business schools came from other nationalities and mainly paid tuition fees.

We are seeing candidates who would have traditionally looked at Ivy League schools in the US in the past,” Teresa Pires, the Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions at the Queen’s University Smith School of Business in Kingston, Ontario said.

According to her, it could be harder for the students to remain in the United States and gain permanent residency or job security; therefore, they feel safer being in Canada.

Several US colleges have been facing the requests to cut the tuition costs as many classes are held online during the pandemic.

Students at University of North Carolina System as well as the Pratt Institute in New York City filed lawsuits demanding tuition refunds for spring with the argument that education institutions had switched to remote lessons.

Due to COVID-19 developments, several US universities and colleges across the United States have been forced to make cuts in budgets in order to overcome the crisis caused by the Corona pandemic.

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