About Us

Erudera College News was created with the mission to provide international students around the world the latest news that concern them and reliable information about studying internationally for prospective international students. What started as an idea quickly became one of the go-to sources for independent news and information covering higher education worldwide, international studies, distance learning, and more.

Editorial Team

Our team of journalists who specialize in higher education, follow the struggles international students face on daily basis, and by creating daily news stories they strive to make global impact.

Gent Ukehajdaraj

Ereza Lajqi
Staff Writer

Blerina Kelmendi
Staff Writer

Domenik Toplanaj
Higher Education Expert

Albesa Rrezja
Higher Education Expert

Topics that we cover on Erudera College News are:

  • Higher education and international studying related
  • Trends and shifts in student mobility around the world
  • Innovations in distance learning and education technology
  • Student visa and post-graduate work visa policies
  • Racial, religious, and sexual orientation discrimination of international students

We welcome all press inquiries and our experts are available for comments and opinions on all topics related to higher education.

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